Firstly, please make sure the MDVR is connected to power and started.
Secondly, check whether the “LIVE” image is enabled > in MDVR GUI SETUP –> CHANNEL –> LIVE.
Thirdly, make sure the connection for video output to monitor is connected correctly to device.
Finally, please try a new replacement camera or monitor.

Usually this issue is caused by the wrong video system setting. The MDVR supports PAL and NTSC video systems, before you connect the camera with MDVR, please make sure that the camera system is same as MDVR video system setting. If the camera is PAL system, please choose PAL system for MDVR too. Please go to MDVR GUI –> SYSTEM –> OPTION for this setting. Likewise, if you connect Streamax CP3 with MDVR, please make sure the video system setting for MDVR and CP3 is the same.

Our MDVR support 2.5″ SATA HDD and SSD. We recommend following brands Hitachi, Samsung and Seagate.

The user name is 0 and the password is 88888888

The default IP for our MDVR is